A special COMMEMORATIVE CEREMONY for returning Afrikan Descendants in the Cape Coast and Elmina Castle Dungeons conducted by 

Why do Afrikans born in America and other parts of the Diaspora cry when they enter the Cape Coast and Elmina Castle Dungeons? 
What is it that shakes them to their very souls?

 The Slave Ship - The Floating Chamber of Horror

A re-enactment of the capture of Afrikan people 
conducted by Tweampong Traditionals Cultural 
Group at the Cape Coast Castle/Dungeons 

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    

From the Cape Coast Castle Dungeons and "THRU THE DOOR OF NO RETURN" the sons and daughters of "Mother" Afrika were marched; crawling and stumbling through long, narrow, damp and dark tunnels, into the Belly of the Beast. Slave ships which carried our Ancestors away from the warmth and security of their homes and loved ones, to the strange and often cruel lands of the Carry-be-yond (Caribbean), North and South Americas.

The following proverb "UNTIL THE LIONS HAVE THEIR OWN 
THE HUNTER" and the love of "Mother" Afrika, inspired us as returned Afrikan Descendants to create the "THRU THE DOOR OF NO RETURN - THE RETURN" Ceremony for brothers and sisters when they visit the Cape Coast and Elmina Castle/Dungeons.

This ceremony answers the yearning of Afrikan Descendants in search of their roots and desirous of paying homage to their ancestors, while enabling them to re-connect and form an effective link with "Mother" Afrika and our past; a time to give thanks to The Creator for returning us safely "home" to "Mother".

Our ceremony is equally important to Afrikans as the Holocaust of the Jewish People which is memorialized every year through out the world. Never forgotten and never to happen again! We as Afrikans both at home and abroad must commemorate our ancestors and celebrate our return "home" to our "Mother" Afrika.


This experience is more than a Tourist visit, it is a
and a
must do for Returning Afrikan Descendants 
when planning a trip to Ghana.

Make your groups visit an overwhelming success.


IMAHKÜS & Nana Okofo conducting the 
 commemorative ceremony in the Male & Female 
Dungeons of the Cape Coast Castle/Dungeons.

Testimonials from participants of the "THRU THE DOOR OF NO RETURN - THE RETURN" Commemorative Ceremony conducted by ONE AFRICA at the Cape Coast & Elmina Castle Dungeons.

"Thank you ONE AFRICA, for making the sacrifice for us and being at THE DOOR OF NO RETURN. God bless you both."

S. Harris - Washington, DC


"We thank God for the presence of ONE AFRICA in those dungeons. They are the only ones who can bring us through the "DOOR OF NO RETURN" appropriately as our experiences in the Diaspora have been basically the same. So for Ghanaian Tour Operators who attempt to re-create their commemorative ceremony, it is not the same. What ONE AFRICA does in those dungeons cannot be duplicated. 'He who feels it, Knows it'. They truly know how to open the way to come home."

B. Thomas - Charlotte, NC


"My reaction was one of regret that so many lost their lives but I was happy for the ones that made it. This was an experience that I cannot and will not forget and will be with me forever. Many thanks to ONE AFRICA for conducting this emotionally, moving commemorative ceremony for returning African Descendants.

Dolores R. Byone - Westbury, NY


"The Door of no Return experience for me was a cleansing, redemptive and continually renewing experience that has transformed me from an African-American to an African born in America. I was able to embrace those ghosts that haunted me now as ancestors. Bravo ONE AFRICA."

Iris Fatima Banister - Rochester, NY 


"Words are not enough to express our thanks and gratitude to ONE AFRICA for making our first trip home to our ancestral homeland a meaningful and truly significant experience. Every returning African Descendant should experience the "THRU THE DOOR OF NO RETURN - THE RETURN" ceremony. My lifelong dream has been fulfilled.

Barbara Samuels - Washington, DC 


They trapped you in fire
Hoping to see you burn
But see, we rejoice
Hailing your Return.


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