My husband, Nana Okofo Iture Kwaku I Ababio, a
retired New York City firefighter, and I were born and raised in New York City and have shared more than 30 years of our life together. Since moving to Ghana, West Africa, in 1990, we have been living in Iture – Elmina, the Central Region of Ghana, where Nana is a honorary Safohene ( Warrior Chief ). Our practical experiences have lead us to get involved in various aspects of Ghanaian culture, and have developed several programs to reunite our extended Afrikan families. 



Points to Ponder contains valuable information for anyone returning to the Mother Land to live or to visit. This booklet prepares you for your visit by offering insights and information that many travel agents do not provide:

  • Cultural Norms & Expectations
  • Local Transportation & Travel Tips
  • Recommended Medications, Toiletries and Munchies
  • Currency Conversion
  • … And Much More!


To re-locate is not a simple matter. It requires a determination to succeed, a firm faith in God The Almighty, a willingness and patience to learn and re-learn. IMAKHÜS, a great achiever, has all these attributes and is lucky enough to have as her husband, Nana Okofo an understanding and encouraging man. IMAHKÜS’
wisdom, extreme sensibility, and her sense of humor have helped the “One Africa” couple to settle and make their home in Ghana. Her open-mindedness has done this for her and her husband.

This book can also help those who may choose to walk the path of “Return”. IMAHKÜS’ book should be read by even those who do not intend to re-locate here because it is a book, which imparts valuable information about a country in Africa, one of the countries that many African-Americans repatriate to … Ghana.

Kwesi Brew (Cape Coast)
Ambassador/Diplomat, Writer & Successful Businessman


  1. I am interested in establishing a network for regular annual travel to Ghana. I am presently looking at April, 2020. MY main community will be educators and teachers, but not exclusively. I look forward to further and continuous communication with you concerning this venture…. Thank You. Jasper

  2. I last visited in the summer of 2004 and would love to come back for a visit. I’m currently working on the Wakanda City of Return Project and will most likely be in Cape Coast in 2021. Looking forward to seeing you all again.

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