Planning to come to Ghana? Looking for inexpensive, clean, cultural and stimulating surroundings? Look no further. It’s paradise! It’s simple! It’s the One Africa Health Resort and Wellness Center (Guest House) located in Iture – Elmina, the Central Region of Ghana.

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Upon entering you become part of the quaint village setting and tranquil beauty of One Africa; coming face to face with unique, traditional, African style, Guest Houses with thatch roofs, within a private walled compound lush with Coconut and Almond trees, on the Gulf of Guinea.
In honor of our ancestors, rooms have been named after great African heroes/sheroes; i.e., Malik El Shabazz Malcolm X  (USA), Nana Yaa Asantewaa (Ghana), Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey (Jamaica, West Indies), Prof. John Henrik Clarke (USA), and others.
Rooms are welcoming and beautifully decorated with bright tie dyed fabric, Afrikan artifacts and paintings; handcrafted furniture, twin beds, toilet and shower. There are no telephones or televisions in the rooms. But who needs it, as you experience the friendly, warm, and hospitable family atmosphere; and a restaurant that features local, international and vegetarian cuisine that will tickle your tummy.

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Rise early mornings and stretch into gorgeous sunrises as you practice the art of Qigong, Yoga and other activities on a beautiful, private beach; enjoy salt water sand baths & meditation. By mid-afternoon, for your semi-sauna pleasure enjoy the natural, hot rock pools on the ocean front. We also offer Reflexology, Reiki, Massage, Red Clay Baths on the beach and more.



  1. I will be visiting Ghana for the first time 8/10-8/19 and am interested in lodging options. Can you send more information regarding your offerings? I am from Chicago, IL

  2. Hi, we’re a family group (7 adults) from the UK who will be visiting Ghana for the first time and we’d like to stay in or near Elmina for two nights (10 and 11 February). We’ll need three double rooms and one single room.

    Do you have any rooms free, and if so, how can we book them?
    Many thanks!

  3. Hello Isaiah. I am visiting Ghana with Family. Do you have four double rooms Available for the nights of 10th and 11th February?

    Ps. For some reason this message and my email address has used capitals. All the letters should be lower case for the email address.

  4. My name is Kelly Saunders. I will be visiting several parts of Ghana in August. I would live to stay 1 night at your guest house. I sent a FB text today as well. My dates are 9/5/19-9/6/19. Thank you.

  5. greetings my sistaah, I just wrote to you but having some difficulty it vanished lol , what is the best contact info to use beloved, Ptahnubia Byrd here, I believe I also sent you an email , much love to you

  6. Hi Sister! I am wanting to be a guest the first week in March how much for 1 person a night and how much for 2 please ? 💜

  7. Hello One Africa… a small group of 8, many first-time travelers, will be traveling to the Elmina/cape Coast area in two weeks and would like to have lunch at your restaurant. Please Provide details on your menu selections, prices, hours for meal service, and if reservations are needed. Please send soon. Medaase

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